Wooden House
Build cost Logs x16
Stone x8
Size 4 x 5
Maximum inventory 8 Labourers

The Wooden House is a basic and cheap house that provides simple shelter to labourers, where they will eat, warm up and raise families. The Wooden House is cheaper than the Stone House, but doesn't provide as much warmth, and will need more fuel to keep its inhabitants warm. Labourers will live in a house either until they die, or until they are old enough to move out and begin their own family if another house is available. If a house has run out of food or fuel an icon will appear above the house to alert the player to a lack of resources. Wooden Houses will stock up on food when it is available, and Firewood and Coal for fuel. A Wooden House can be upgraded to a Stone House at any point, doing so will cause all the inventory to be taken out and the house will be taken down and rebuilt as a Stone House, some of the resources used to build the Wooden House will be reclaimed making the upgrade cheaper than building a new house. Any Labourers that are residing in the house will be evicted from it while it is being upgraded, meaning they will be homeless until the upgrade is complete.